Whaddya mean, a tool bouquet? Happy Anniversary, Honey!

Albert Edstrom loves big vehicles. He’s an auto body guy, and from his Oro Township shop, he repairs, enhances, and paints trucks, cars and buses. And RV’s.

But when it came to giving his corporate Christmas gifts, Albert was stumped. He turned the project over to an expert with only two instructions… make them for men, make them incredible!

The “expert” responsible for Albert’s incredible Christmas gifts was Kellie Molnar. Owner of Iced Delights, Kellie’s claim to fame is specialty cakes, loot bags, bridal gifts, wedding cakes, shower cakes, kids’ birthday cakes, wedding party favours, etc.

Her other specialty is solving difficult gift problems.

Kellie located hand made wooden stake trucks, a foot long and half as high. She added the TCB (Trucks Cars & Buses) Auto Body logo to the sides. And then she filled them with treats, lots of treats, wrapped them in festive cello and gave Albert tremendous corporate impact without any of the worry that goes along with it.

Kellie’s been in business for a year now. At Christmas, Barrie business people who attended the Chamber of Commerce Christmas Trade Show were all asking the same question… “WHO made these cookies?” Sure enough, Kellie’s Iced Delights tray was filled to overflowing with a complimentary sampling of cookies, truffles, shortcake, squares, butter tarts, and chocolate.

When I had a street party in late November, I called on Kellie to load up a tray with five dozen variety cookies and squares… the visitors were crowded around the treats table, and it was due to Iced Delights.

One of the biggest challenges to providing a party atmosphere, gifts and food to match, is to have a wide range of skills. Whether its 600 almond paste rosettes on a wedding cake, lootbags for an adult party, champagne glasses filled with truffles for a wedding of 200, a bouquet of tools for that “handy” person, the creativity at Iced Delights is matched only by the challenges.

And like everyone who is self employed, when she started a year ago, Kellie wondered out loud whether or not she’d have the talent necessary to do this business. She’s been generous this year, supporting charities with her products for fundraising efforts, offering her services at her children’s school, volunteering her product and her creativity at bridal shows, trade shows and with brides and grooms who are planning their big day.

She’s networked with caterers, deejays, bartenders, and hall renters. It’s hard work starting a business based on sugar, and Kellie’s put generosity, creativity, and enthusiasm into every batch!

Thanks, Kellie.