The process of doing a business plan was useful. The workshop gave me the tools and initiative. But really doing it opened my eyes. Very worthwhile.
Heather Mason, Mason Accounting Solutions
When I decided to go out on my own, I knew I needed to do some ideas of a plan. This gave me the directions and the specifics.
Mike Ryan, potential sports bar owner
Our business aspirations are fed and enriched and given life by Donna Douglas. She has been there for everybody. She opens minds and makes it all possible.
Monique Robillard, Salt Cave Services, GV 19
Donna is constant encouragement to do your best.
Doug Hickman, Realtor, GV 19
A must. Invaluable. Supportive.
Lana Salmon, Canfin. , GV 19
Worthwhile, from personal and business perspectives.
Rob Newman, CMA, GV 8
Donna plans, prepares, presents her material in a personable manner, services new entrepreneurs by example. She artfully delivers information with details and by example. Integrity, professionalism, commitment.
Janine Hutchinson, Holistic Health Services, GV 18
Donna Douglas informs, educates, networks, consolidates and becomes a great mentor and friend. My husband and I are so glad we took the plunge.
Judy & Jim Brown, Handcrafted Wood and Stone deSigns, GV 16