Consider this a passport to eternal health!

When Megan Kirk was researching for her Masters degree thesis, what she discovered was like a huge wakeup call!  And, not content to just publish her findings and get her degree (in Exercise Technology), she’s now doing something about it.

She was a student at University of Victoria, living in one of Canada’s most health-conscious cities and she began researching the physical and psychological health of new university-degreed professionals as they enter their careers.  “Was health even on their brains?” she wondered.

This is the group that is anxious to put in the long hours, climb the corporate or tenure ladder, make their mark along with their salaries, fulfilling expectations as they do so.  Megan wondered, “was this socioeconomic group even fulfilling Canada’s Fitness Guide?

Turns out most weren’t.  Interviewing young, new professors just entering their fields, in universities across the country, universities equipped with beautiful, affordable gyms and lots of walking opportunities, Megan discovered a shocking truth.  Climbing the corporate or tenure ladder doesn’t have much exercise in it.

In fact, this group scored lower on their exercise scores than the lowest socioeconomic groups in the country.  The best educated and the least conscious of health!  Megan points out that there’s a direct co-relation between work productivity and work absence and health consciousness is the connecting link.

So, Megan finished her thesis, graduated with her degree and is now on contract teaching Research Methods in Georgian’s Recreation and Sports program.  But the findings in her thesis research have niggled away and she’s now doing something about it.

Enter Thrive, Workplace Wellness Pass.  She approached Barrie area independently owned health, fitness and nutrition facilities and asked them for a special offer to participants buying her wellness pass.  The response was gratifying and Megan’s pass is coming to life.

The winter pass gives access to 12 fitness and wellness facilities in Barrie, until the end of April.  Her summer pass will go on sale then.  So, for $40 for a single pass (or $25 each for more than 4 passes) you can take advantage of a lot of offerings by local businesses.  Barrie Chiropractic and Elements Naturopathic Medicine are each offering free introductory assessments.  Balanced Body Pilates is offering 30 days of pilates training.  Georgian College’s Rock Climbing wall is at the disposal of every pass buyer.  Groovy Tuesdays Bistro is offering cooking classes and Studio Bliss has yoga classes on tap.

Enerjennics has put forth 2 for 1 bootcamps and Cheryl Lago of SLIM gives a complimentary 30 minute quantum laser health treatment.  Grace, Too Studio offers cardio kick boxing, groove training, Zoomba.

The Barrie Athletic Club gives consultation with a personal trainer and use of their gym.  Pure Kneads massage therapy offers just that.

You can order your pass (great Valentine’s Day gift for a couple, for young adults, for a treasured friend) through Megan at her business email: or by phoning 705 796-5805.  Megan will deliver the pass(es) right to you.

A native of Barrie, Megan is hoping to make Barrie a healthier place, to help people enjoy health and wellness and see it as a complete circle.

She’s working now on her summer sampler and hopes to add additional activities from locally owned facilities for summer health experiences.

Now, this is one young woman taking true action!

Thanks, Megan.