Awesome wealthy women… universal potential!

Column 113


Patti Smith, in the 80’s, was Human Resources Assistant Director for a privately owned hospital run by immigrant doctors for refugees and immigrants. This Toronto facility was established so new Canadians, already struggling with language, could be medically treated in their own language while they became accustomed to life in Canada.

Patti remembers meeting with the wife and 8 year old daughter of a hospital employee who had passed away the night before. The woman spoke virtually no English and the daughter was translating complicated HR information. “I had to tell her about the death benefits for her husband. I tried to explain that because the bank account was in only his name, it was frozen and she had no access to money,” remembers Patti.

“She had no idea if they had a mortgage or paid rent. She had no idea if they did have a mortgage where it was held, how much it was for or what the payments were. She did not have her own bank account; in fact, she didn’t have money to take the streetcar home. And the poor child has just lost her father and is having to cope with this adult information!”

“I went back to my office and thought ‘this is wrong on so many levels’ and at that point my Money Bootcamp seminars were born.”

As Patti has given workshops for children, teenagers, newlyweds, business owners, there are some common denominators that emerge. We are held back from being financially successful, independent and confident based on the messages about money that we received as children.

Patti holds workshops in Barrie, or meets privately with clients one on one, but this month she has developed a day-long event aimed solely at women. Women entrepreneurs, single parents, aging women, women who are independently earning, women who are in marriage-type partnerships… Patti’s target market for this January 25 seminar centres around women because they have a peculiar relationship with money.

Called Awaken The Awesome Wealthy Woman Within, the day long event will involve entertaining exercises that help women find the weak link in their financial literacy. “I want to create a community of understanding among those who are there,” says Patti.

Enlighten. Inspire. Transform. That’s the goal. Patti hopes there will be lots of aha! moments for participants. Content includes looking at core beliefs about money, developed when we were young children; treating money as a tool and understanding how to use it; myth busting and introducing reality.

“If women want to make good decisions they need to know what they have to do,” says Patti. “We also now have generations of people who use plastic and never really see, touch or feel coins and bills. They have no connection between their money and work, credit, easy getting, no saving.

The day will include a money planning document to help plan for income and expenses. Participants will learn about clearing denial before making a decision. They’ll learn to banish the ‘stuff’ that holds them back, and build trust on several fronts.

So, who is this day suited to? Any woman stuck creating a personal or business life. Any woman who wants to understand the next step to creating a chance. Any woman coming out of a challenging situation (death, loss, abuse, bankruptcy) who now has to stand on her own two feet financially, any woman who is starting her own business.

Patti says that 95% of her clients are female entrepreneurs. She is looking for corporate sponsors to buy seats for women living at the Women’s & Children’s Centre or at the Elizabeth Fry facility on Maple AV.

Patti has room for 80 participants, with early bird pricing of $100 for the day offered until January 15. The full price is $150.

Date, Saturday, January 25, 10 am to 4 pm. Registration at 9:30 am. Location, Suite Success at 411 Huronia Rd at Big Bay Pt Rd. You can register and pay online at www. or you can email Patti at or phone 705 881-1846.

Talk about the ultimate attitude adjustment! Thanks, Patti.