Movember, Mountbatten, and moustache maraders

If you live at the cul-de-sac end of Mountbatten St, off Rodney, you live in an old fashioned neighbourhood.  It’s the kind of place where people know each other, know the names of each other’s kids.  And dogs.

Built in the 70’s, these homes are undergoing quiet renovation as families hunker down to stay.

We likely have many such neighbourhoods in Barrie (it might make a series of great columns, actually) but this week we’re focussing on moustaches, Movember, Mountbatten and what happens when neighbours get together.

As men across Canada started a few years ago to grow moustaches in support of Prostate Cancer Canada fundraising, people everywhere were thrilled to give support.  It’s great to have a few toonies on hand during Movember because every where you turn, there’s a guy sporting a ‘stache of some kind and a coin box nearby.

The men of Mountbatten are no exception.  Some work in town.  Some commute.  Some, like John Parry, whose backyard touches onto Mountbatten, are retired and embraced because they’re almost on Mountbatten.  And so it went.  Sally and Andy Telford decided this year to take Mountbatten Movember to a whole new level.

They issued the challenge.  Grow as much, raise as much, and come be judged on the final Saturday in Movember.  Andy, certain he looked like a gangster, jumped right in, encouraging his neighbours Gary Meger, Lionel Gray, Tom Driscoll, Vince Candelino, Michael Kostrich, Dwight Carlyle, and neighbour John Parry.  There were handlebars, a little bit of lip fur, full blown lip and cheek covers… and they were all unique.

The guys grew enthusiastically and the Telfords went door to door on Hallowe’en night (of course!) issuing an invitation for Movember 26, to come to their home, enjoy a catered dinner by the excellent Angela Pidutti and Cravings and be judged for their efforts.  The Telfords asked that participants donate to the Prostate Cancer Canada fund what they might normally spend on a dinner out.  Goal was $350.

Vincenzo Iannello of The Barber Pole arrived to present every moustached man with ‘cut and shave’ vouchers and the women of Mountbatten broke down the judging into several categories.  Sexiest, Keep it, Shave it Immediately, Artistic Impression… you get the picture.  The overall winner of the best moustache was Vince Candelino and funds raised are over $350, and counting.

The big winners here?  Why the folks who get to connect, enjoy, laugh and dine with their neighbours.  It’s what lifestyle is all about!

Thanks, Mountbatten Movember Moustachiers!  Every one of you!