Janette Boyter saw problems, went for the root cause, is changing lives

As a special needs withdrawal teacher in the public school system, Janette Boyter’s job was to help  kids learn in the most effective possible way. Each of her students was diagnosed with a specific special need, making learning just that much harder.

Usually, it would mean taking them into her quiet classroom so she and they could focus on a particular subject, trying several different learning styles until they hit the bullseye.

Trouble is, Janette began to notice the problems with students centred on certain times of the day. Coming from the cafeteria right after lunch… full of processed food and a pop or fruit juice, their ability to focus was so low it almost didn’t exist. After a snack, same thing. During the course of her teaching day, depending on the time of day she’d be punched, kicked, spat on, verbally abused and she was supposed to be able to help kids move through their academic program.

And yet, at the same time, she’d get students coming in to use computers, looking for a quiet place so they could work and concentrate. “They’d be the ones with their water bottle and carrot sticks.”

Janette started researching the correlation between food & beverage consumption and behaviour and ability to learn. She became fascinated with what she learned and that fascination changed her life, and now the lives of her clients. She walked away from her full time, pensioned, medical benefits job and went back to school. At the time her children were 5, 12, and 14 and she also had two stepchildren. It was a big decision.

She registered with the private Institute for Holistic Nutrition and learned everything from body composition to cellular structure. She learned all about food and its relationship to the body, about the psychology of disease.

What Janette learned is that ‘dead’ or toxic food (which can be most processed food) remains in the bowel, undigested and undigestable. Living food is easily digested, but not if it can’t get past the dead food.  [I’m putting this really simply because it was the best way for me to understand it]

During her course she had her first experience with colon hydrotherapy (yes, the washing out of the bowel to clean it from substance) and she was hooked.

Bowels and toxicity and the cascade effect of what we eat… that’s Janette’s focus these days. She said when she found a colon hydrotherapist in Toronto, she was committed to the idea but was very uncomfortable having someone else put something up her bowel. And so her practice, located at 80 Bradford St in Barrie, is developed to be self-administered in privacy while Janette is in another room nearby for called-on assistance.

“You apply your own system and do your treatment without me present,” she emphasizes, saying that the process gives incredible relief to people. It helps them feel better, sleep better, have more clarity and more energy… all that as the bowel is cleansed of toxic waste. For people who suffer from constipation or irregular bowel activity, colon hydrotherapy can prepare their system to receive healthy foods with natural enzymes that work with the body.

Janette said while it’s normally ‘dead’ food that causes constipation, for some people it’s travelling or being in a ‘strange bathroom.’

She recommends that all of us clean our bowels with the changing of the seasons, because our foods change, recipes change, and it keeps our systems in peak working order.

When I first heard of Janette’s service, I was puzzled about her enthusiasm for this ‘end’ of things. But after we talked I realized her enthusiasm is all about living food, health, relief and clarity for people. She called her business Halcyon, which means goddess of water. (www.halcyondetox.com)

Way to go, Janette.  And, thank you!