What really matters?

Column 107


Last column I was writing about Small Business Connect, a grassroots group for small business owners. Well, that’s where I was last week when someone said there were 80 shopping days left til Christmas!

Who thinks about this stuff? In September? You could feel the collective stress flitter across the room. After all, we still have Thanksgiving and Hallowe’en to enjoy before we start anticipating the happy celebration that is Christmas.

It’s happy if we let it be. It’s happy if we don’t get sucked in to buy-buy-buy but think about thoughtful ways to show our care for people.

I’ve often wondered what would happen to Christmas if women didn’t propel it forward with such energy? I do believe it’s the female side of the house that raises the bar and and pressure that goes with it. I mean, how many men do YOU know who run out to buy Christmas cards and bows, gilt angels and sparkly candles?

And so, there’s an opportunity to bring meaning to the reason, lower our expectations of achievement and provide experiences rather than things. That’s why I was so excited to hear about a series of six workshops on Christmas greens, designs of urns and wreaths, the chance to join good friends, make new friends, and get creative.

Two greenery business women, gardener Carley Oakes and florist Sharon DiBernardo, have designed a series Christmas greens workshops, running November 13/14, November 27/18, December 1/November 26. First dates are in Midhurst at the United Church. Second dates are in Barrie at Suite Success.

Imagine walking in and having everything provided for you while you learn great techniques and actually enjoy the preparation of new garlands for Christmas. Sharon is excited about the series: “it’ll be alot of fun and introduce people to creativity and each other. I’m excited for it.”

Sharon and Carley have designed workshop #1 to focus on creating urns; the second set of dates focusses on garlands. Workshops #3 are for wreaths. Sounds like fun doesn’t it?

They’ve priced all three workshops, with all materials provided, at $195 or individual workshops at $80. Imagine getting professional advice and opportunity!

If this seems like a calming rampup to the big season, you can register now by contacting Sharon DiBernardo at The Flower Boutique, 1094 St Vincent St in Midhurst. Phone is 705 252-9112. Email is: sharon@sharonsflowerboutique.com.

Thanks, Sharon. Thanks, Carley. It’s an opportunity many of us will enjoy!