Will she really hang up her paintbrush?

She was 22 years old when she ditched her university studies, picked up a paintbrush and started into business for herself. Her “get an education” folks were appalled, but this young woman headed into a business traditionally reserved for the male gender. She learned the subtle art of measuring and estimating, negotiating supplies, buying a truck, getting her name painted and publicized. After 17 years, Michelle Vanden Berg Painting & Decorating is still a sole owner operation, with an employee or two as the need demands.

For an equal number of years, she offered her cheery attitude as treasurer of Christmas Cheer’s annual campaign.

And, today Michelle looks at the number of ladders she’s lugged, walls she’s filled, hectares of paper laid and decided to put her brush into turpentine for awhile. She’s going to try her hand at a little of hubby’s office administration and try to take life a little easier.

There’s an entire community waiting to see how long this “quiet” life will last. Don’t put the lid on the turpentine can, Michelle! Or, perhaps just selective paint jobs now and then…