When after school activities can reach into the soul…

There’s no doubt that after school activities CAN enrich the soul. And depending on the activity and the child, they can destroy the soul, too.

Take the artistic child who loves to be alone who gets plunked into the middle of a hockey team. Or the kid who’s interested in technology but her well-meaning parents register her for dance. Or the musical dancer-type child who gets… you get the picture.

Well, as you’re looking at the extra curricular activities for your kids this fall, you might look at Potentials.

Potential? Well, that too. Potentials is the brainchild of former model Wanda Fluney. Wanda has two programs with Potentials. One is certainly the identification and selection and development of potential runway models, and she’s had some success with that, for sure.

But the other, perhaps more important and long lasting program offered is her Self Development Program. For an hour and a half once a week for 7 weeks, pre teens and teens (separate groups) learn about wardrobe, fashion trends, posture, movement, physical presentation, oral communication, telephone techniques, personal goal setting and managing their money.

And Wanda offers this in an interesting, cooperative environment. It’s non competitive; it’s soul enriching.

She has a program for those aged 8-12 and an enhanced program for those over 13 who receive skin care advice and aesthetics assistance along with everything else.

“My goal with Potentials is to let young people know that each of us has tremendous value, that it’s not just the tall, the thin, the magazine-type model who is beautiful,” says Wanda.

To this end, she’s also offering a Drama Program that teaches acting skills, characterization, movement and voice development. It’s given through the Drama Club of Ontario in Wanda’s second floor facility at the Kozlov Centre on Bayfield St.

“I feel the fashion world puts so much emphasis on the tall, thin, beautiful version of human beings. There’s so much more to it. Kids shouldn’t feel ‘less than’ and because of this I decided to open a centre geared to everyone.”

She’s added specialty workshops on stress management, peer pressure and self help as well.

Wanda has developed her program with no restrictions. The mottor: have fun. build confidence. participate.

If this sounds like a great alternative to the long list of potential after-school activities, you’re right. 792-5894.

Thanks, Wanda.