UPscale yard sale goes downstairs

Jim Campbell’s creating magic again. He did it three years ago when he and another dealer opened the Upscale Yard on Collier St. Jim took bright, airy space that used to house Ontario Hydro, and then the City of Barrie’s Engineering Department, and then the city’s Social Services department, and turned it into a mecca of treasures… antiques, restorations, nooks and crannies of estate sale items.

The Upscale Yard Sale offered room after room of opportunity and Jim quickly developed a loyal following. It’s an interesting study to watch a business adjust to market dynamics and a few months ago Jim added an emporium feel to his operation, with a cafe, and rental space for other artisans to sell their creations.

During all these months Jim’s been looking at his lower level, at the door that opens onto the laneway, at the incredible space that’s going to waste down there. Meanwhile he got to know his next door neighbour, Steve Posluns, whose modest location houses Wise Advantage telephone services. And Steve needed more room.

So Jim is moving over to make room for Steve who will operate the cafe as well as all his phone services. Meanwhile the Upscale Yard Sale is going Down Under and Jim’s transforming his lower level and changing the way he does business. He’s compressing his operating days, offering an auction experience, and offering entry from the back lane or from Steve’s main floor. Jim hopes to be open by mid-week, when he’ll come out from under latticework and paint.

He’s responding to what his customers have been asking for and augmenting the retail side of his business by maximizing the estate and consignment side.

Seems like a win-win-win here. Jim wins because he’s able to respond to market demands; Steve wins because he gets more space in a nearby location so his customers don’t lose where he’s located. And shoppers win because they enter three different environments rather than one.


And Jim? Thanks!