Stork #4 has flown the coop!

Samantha Romanick exemplifies the popular movie & book called The Secret.

She is positive and supportive, a great sales person and superb customer service individual. She goes the extra mile.

New to Barrie, she moved with her husband and daughters, to a new subdivision in Barrie’s west end. She filled flower pots for her front steps and hung out her smile. Sam was home.

It wasn’t long before she decided to start her own business, celebrating the births of babies in Barrie. With our highest demographic being the 25-49 year olds, there are lots of babies coming to Barrie. Sam spent a small fortune and hours of time working with her woodworker husband, TJ, to manufacture signs.

She has two models… a six foot stork, with a big beak and a bow tie; and a huge moon with stars. Keeping in mind that new babies often have toddler siblings, Sam designed her Moon and Stars sign to stand four feet tall. The stars bear the baby’s birth details and one star has the name of the sibling. And the sibling gets to keep their own star. It goes a long way to reducing jealousy when the new baby comes home.

Celebrate with a Sign is now almost a year old. Sam has six six-foot storks out there, proclaiming new residents of Barrie as they move from lawn to lawn. She has three Moons & Stars for rent as well.

When she goes to pick up the sign at the end of a week, Sam gives an incredible bag of goodies to the new parents, courtesy of small businesses around Barrie. She also gives them a framed print of the picture of their celebration sign on their lawn.

Last week, Samantha was her normally generous self. Karen Sparkes of Safe Living was holding her second annual Celebration for customers and businesses in the Mapleview/Huronia Rd plaza. Garage sale, silent auction, pony rides, dance demos… it was a happening place and all the money was slated for the RVH Cancer Centre. A good cause, for sure. Sam couldn’t be there but she volunteered four of her Storks to help mark entrances for the occasion.

The storks, standing six feet tall, wearing bow ties and conductors’ hats, with very, very long beaks, sure helped steer people into the event.

The next morning when she went to retrieve her storks, #1, #2, and #3 jumped into her trunk. Stork #4, the one at the west entrance, had “flown” away, disappeared, somewhere.

It’s a huge investment for Samantha… one less stork to be ordered for a new baby’s lawn.

While Karen had a very successful event and RVH benefitted from the money raised.

But poor Sam’s missing stork is the only fatality from the weekend.

If you’ve seen a six foot stork, wearing a conductor’s hat and a bow tie, all white feathers (at least they WERE white!), then it belongs back in the Celebrate With A Sign compound. Samantha would be delighted with its return, as would the other storks!

Celebrate With A Sign, 812-1127,

Thanks, Sam for your generosity. Thanks, Karen for your creativity in holding this event!