Okay, now! It’s back to the 50’s with waste!

I knew it would happen eventually. While I’m not an environmentalist like David Suzuki and Peter Burzstyn, I’ve been doing my bit for most of my life. Composting since 1972, recycling, and not buying junk packaging… you get the picture.

I think I started using cloth bags in 1985 because mine say Eaton’s across them, and at 99 cents apiece they’ve lasted longer than Eaton’s did. Years ago when some of us took our recyclables down to the old Armories on Mulcaster St and sorted out different kinds of plastic, and paper and stuff… well, I was there too. Years ago I made cloth coffee filters and that’s what I still use. What I’m trying to say is that I’ve had a certain consciousness for a long time.

And so, as our bag supply worked its way to the bottom of the grab bin, I took heart. The cereal box liner bags have been lining in-house garbage baskets and we’re quite pleased with the one small grocery-type bag of garbage that we put out every week. My first husband says I’m a freak about recycling and does quite a monologue about my recycling enthusiasm on Sunday nights (which is put-out-the-garbage-night on our street).

So, you can imagine how I felt (well, maybe you can’t, I don’t know) when I went to the closet for the bag grabber, only to find that it’s empty. We’re at the end. Now I’m scouring the house for hidden garbage bags, not the big ones, but the little merchandise bags, that might be tucked here and there.

However, reality is here. We’ve eliminated plastic bags from our life.

So, now what?

I think back to when I was a kid in the plastic-less 50’s and we put the garbage in our paper grocery bags and into the garbage can. When loaves of bread came in waxed paper bags and you opened the bags and wrapped your lunch in them. My mom used to wrap our school sandwiches in sheets of newspaper… worked like a charm, and no, the ink doesn’t come off (at least it didn’t then).

We’re heading into a new no-plastic-bag era, and it’s going to be interesting without paper bags to fall back on.

I’ll keep you posted!

. . .

Just an update on my exploration of the jungle called Social Media. When I wrote about Josh Muirhead, the local guru of social media marketing, I was optimistic that this was a new land that I could learn to navigate.

First comes motivation. I’m motivated.
Second comes intention. I intend to blog. (but I still have to learn how). I intend to tweet. (which I do now and then). During a business meeting, Marni Heather of Wishes Concierge set up a quick Facebook page for me. Nothing complex, and it’s a good thing! Holy smoke! The next time I checked email I scrolled down and down and down… 700 Friend Requests. 700! Turn that email function off! Kid Two turned it off for me and now I can’t find any Friends!

See what I mean? It’s a jungle out there… Josh? Josh? this is why I need training…

Stay tuned…