Not Just Kibble offers delectable canine treats!

When dogs see Randy Thompson coming, their tails wag, their ears rise, and tongues pant! When dog owners see Randy with his treat cart in hand, they are eager to select a treat bag for their pooch at home.

What is it about dogs? That unconditional love, no matter what? That spirit? That energy? Whatever it is, when I come home from a business meeting with a Not Just Kibble carton in my briefcase, our pooch is pretty quick to catch on. At the same time every night, she goes over to the kitchen counter, plants herself in front of the ‘kibble’ carton and gestures with her throat, a vocal nudge-nudge-nudge to me.

I dole out treats nightly, selecting from doggie biscotti, cheese twists, ‘donuts’, cakes, nutcones… exquisitely manufactured and decorated nibblies that lie nestled in a dog dish or a carton. They¹re perfectly healthy and dog-friendly products.

Randy loves dogs. If his health permitted, he’d likely have a successful dog training business, but his health gives him enough energy to produce dog treats and he¹s doing this with a passion. Not Just Kibble offers seasonal baskets… a toy bunny, a dog food dish, lots of nibblies in it (for Easter). Valentine’s Day offered rope toys, foldable drink bowls (for the cycling canine) and heart shaped cookies along with sugar-free icing in red!

You name the occasion and Randy’s got a treat basket to fit. When I headed out on holidays to see Kid One and his pooch (they live out west) I ordered a folding drink bowl (the dog is currently slurping from a nalgene bottle) complete with a belt clip, a rope toss toy (because this dog will run after anything!), some Easter cookies and a neckscarf. Randy produced the entire effort for less than $15! And the receiving doggy was very, very happy! So were his humans.

There’s something wonderful about being able to produce an affordable treat for the animals that treat us so well, day in and day out.

Randy’s baskets range from the $2 nibble treat to the $15 basket with theme toys and cookies. And Randy has a full carton of treats for training your pooch, complete with paper doily and chocolate (no sugar, of course) on top.

Right now, it’s phone orders only (431-4592) and Randy or his wife, Cathy, will deliver in the Barrie area. Ordering online is launching shortly and Randy can offer a pickup location if his customers prefer. Our lab prefers anything that comes out of Randy’s canine kitchen… absolutely anything!

Thanks, Randy!