New veterinary hospital sets sights on south end

Jeffery Kup has loved animals all his life. That’s the neat thing about being a veterinarian… you really get to work what you love.

When Jeff decided to open his own veterinary business in Barrie, he spent some time studying the city’s growth patterns, population movement, and present services before deciding that Big Bay Point Rd and Yonge St would be an ideal location. It serves not only the huge population now polishing their door knockers in the south end of Barrie, but the location gives Jeff proximity to two elementary schools for class trips, and interaction between animals and children.

Jeff wanted an upscale clinic, and leased 2000 square feet at the new commercial site at Big Bay Point Rd and Leggett Dr. He opened Big Bay Animal Hospital a few months ago, and held his official opening during a rainy Saturday in September.

The rain may have dampened skin, but it sure had no impact on the enthusiasm with which the neighbourhood has greeted one of the city’s newest businesses.

Jeff and staff Janice Mullin and Lynne Chiandet were meticulous in their preparation for the opening. Stuffed animals acted as models throughout the facility, labelled carefully for youngsters (and oldsters) to understand. Everything in the Xray room was labelled so that a walk-through provided a great explanation of what was happening. Same thing in the Operating area, where a stuffed animal lay on the table, covered with a surgical cloth, instruments at the ready, all with cards explaining the purpose of each.

It’s a beautiful facility, of which Jeff and his family and the BBAH staff should be proud.

Most striking about BBAH is the intensity with which Jeff carries out his commitment to animals. He’s bringing several new approaches to pet care and for those who are new to Barrie, Jeff’s services include pet grooming as well as medical care, a line of pet food, retail products, pet insurance plans, and links to other services such as pet day care and walking.

Perhaps the biggest challenge after actually sourcing equipment and furniture and overseeing the design, construction and streamlining of this new facility has been getting people in the door. For the past six months Big Bay Point Road, between Yonge St and Huronia Rd has been off limits to vehicles and under construction and impassable… a huge impact for a new business opening its doors.

When the paving equipment moved off, and line painters completed their work, Jeff’s was perhaps the biggest cheer to go up in the area. Now he truly is “open for business.”