Malinda captures the connectedness of human life through her lens

For those of us who’ve experienced the awe of pregnancy and birth, the memories are myriad. Dads, too, are included in this.

The wonderment of that first movement. The countless hours Dad spends, hand on Mum’s stomach, WAITING for another kick. Which never comes.

The growing awareness that inside this growing bulge is a baby. Or, in the case of my friends Katie and Jamie, two babies, now brothers James and Patrick.

And then, what can seem like the world’s longest gestation period is over and there’s an infant human being, looking out to its world. Too fast, too soon, too miraculous, too moving.

Some of us never, ever forget.

And that’s where Malinda Revie and her company, Studio dpi, comes in.

Malinda is a professional photographer whose lens is set to capture the very beautiful, very unique experience of a pregnant woman with her body. Specializing in intimate portraits of pregnant women, Malinda’s skill involves not only making a woman feel comfortable with lights, backdrops, flash and film; she also does a terrific job of seeing tremendous beauty and bringing it onto film.

As a photographer, Malinda’s shutter snaps on all kinds of subjects, but pregnant women, pregnant women and their partners, parents and newborn all together… these are the pictures that come from her soul, through her subjects, and onto photographic paper.

Malinda captures fabulous portraits, for parents and child, to be treasured forever. She’s planning a show of her work this summer.

What a market niche! Thanks, Malinda.

And on another note… Advance readers are two things, if nothing else. They are cat lovers. And they’re generous. After my column on Furry Friends last week, volunteer Margaret Fritsch called to say the response from Advance readers had the Petsmart phones very, very busy. Two new foster homes have signed up, and a truck owner has come forward to pick up heavy items.

A generous woodworker is making scratching posts and a number of donations for Furry Friends were made at Petsmart.

“A lot of people mentioned to us that they have read the article in The Advance. Thanks, Donna,” writes Maggie Fritsch.