Kathy takes the bite out of bills!!

The ingenuity of some people knows no bounds.

And Kathy Lyte is one of those people.

Kathy has what you might call an eagle eye, the ability to scan lists of things and cross reference them to other lists and find discrepancies. Not sure what you¹d call that on a resume, but in Kathy’s books it’s found money.


Kathy is an auditor of sorts. She goes in to a company with many phone lines (for instance) and makes sure they’re being billed for only what they have. Or, she looks at cell bills or expense accounts or ETR invoices and cross references them with original equipment lists or travel logs to ensure accuracy.

It’s the kind of service that most owners of companies know they should take care of, but just never get around to. On top of that Kathy will sit on hold and play in voice mail jail and get the refunds flowing for her customers.

Kathy uses her telecommunications background to analyze equipment and service bills for telephone re-sellers or for cell bill accounts. One of her Barrie customers is really glad they called on Kathy. She saved the company over $2 million by the time she completed her work.

Think of the uses… you own several properties and receive hydro, heat, tax, and repair bills on all of them. Hmmmm. You run a fleet of delivery vehicles all with their own gas and repair costs and mileage logs. Hmmmm. Your employees all operate with cell phones, paid for by the company. Your expense accounts, the bill from your main supplier, the list goes on and on.

It’s always amazing to me how effective people are when they start businesses using the skills they love to use. And that’s sure the case with Kathy Lyte and Mitak Professional Services. Kathy says she’s equally amazed to see how often companies are paying invoices that are billing for equipment or services they aren’t receiving, or haven’t ordered, or have dropped years ago. It’s one of those details that busy business owners just can’t get to.

How often are Kathy’s service an expense rather than an investment? Not yet.

What a great idea! What a great service for small and large business. Thanks, Kathy.