Jack McGinnis brings intern(ation)al message to Barrie

When I first met Jack McGinnis, I was standing on a fulcrum of indecision, living in a time warp between work I had left and work I had not yet begun, life I had lived and left and life not yet identified. The inability to decide and commit was immobilizing me, and consequently my family. And I lucked into spending time in a seminar with Jack. It sounds dramatic, but it has changed my life. I have attended over 30 of Jack’s seminars… each is life giving.

Jack McGinnis is a guy in charge of health. Internal health. Psychic health. Soul health. He may not officially help your back or your strained neck, or your migraines, but his healing ways affect your heart, your brain, your soul.

For most of the second half of his life, Jack McGinnis has devoted himself and his business, Free Heart Ministries, to coaching people into seeing their own inspiration, and living well.

In fact, the art of living well might be described as being able to hold two opposite ideas in tension at the same time. For instance, many of us make long terms plans as if we were going to live forever; yet we conduct ourselves daily as if we were going to die tomorrow. Balancing these two opposites, and adding the complexities of our businesses, spouses, children, parents, extended family, friends, volunteer associates… this is a recipe for great stress.

Not being able to hold those two opposite ideas in balance can make it nearly impossible to make a decision.

Do? Don’t I? Maybe. Maybe not!

That’s the core of the topics to be covered by Jack McGinnis in three evenings in Barrie next week. Tuesday evening (July 20) Jack will use his worldwide experience, his music and his insight to direct participants into the awareness of their life stresses. Wednesday evening (July 21) he’ll share techniques for moving toward acceptance of our realities. Thursday evening will wrap up with action, moving forward with confidence. Each evening starts at 6 and ends at 9pm.

McGinnis, from Palm Desert, California, is co-author, director and producer with Barbara Shlemon-Ryan of The Truth Will Set You Free, a six-part video program for adults seeking freedom from broken relationships. McGinnis is currently working towards the publication of Peace Kits for wordwide distribution to children in war torn countries. He has also recorded music in three collections.

McGinnis is a popular keynote speaker and leader of retreats, workshops, conferences and seminars and is an active teacher of Hearthmath Solutions techniques in everyday life management.

Next week’s seminar series will further this work. Admission is limited to 40 people. Cost is $25 per evening. Registration in advance by calling Andrea Murray, 728-1968 X1213.