It’s a G Gala… and women are the winners!

If you’re a woman, this is for you. If you’re a man, this is for someone you care about… daughter, partner, sister, mom.

This event asks the following questions:

Have you a healthy, successful balance with your career, family, friends, community and self?
Do you wish you had more energy at the end of the day?
Are you performing at your peak productivity?

If you’ve hit a few ‘nos’ here, you might want to have a look at the Girls Gals Gurus event, Health, Wellness and Beauty from the Inside Out.

This event, slated for all day Thursday, September 6 is chock full of goodness, from the inside out.

Four speakers for the event are:
Dr. Christine Horner, nationally known surgeon and professional speaker, a leader in her field as a plastic surgeon… NOT the traditional kind of plastic surgeon. Dr. Horner mobilized the United States medical community to legislate post mastectomy breast reconstruction payable by health insurance companies. Her topic? Waking the Warrior Goddess: an ounce of Prevention.

Dr. Liz Anderson Peacock, noted lecturer, writer and owner of Anderson Chiropractic. Her topic: Finding successful life balance on YOUR terms.

Dr. Carol Ann Malizia, professional speaker, women’s health editor to 10 million subscribers, wellness, fitness & nutrition guru. Her topic: Maximizing Efficiency in Your Day.

Doug Caporrino, decades of dedication to nutrition and fitness, consultant to the stars, creator of Fit for Life corporate wellness programs. His topic: One Size Does Not Fit All. Fitness and Nutrition for Life: Inside-Out Health.

This life-changing day is in an extravagantly beautiful setting, the Carnegie Hall at the Maclaren Art Centre. Every attention to detail includes healthy, wholesome, unique foods from Cravings, natural coffees and teas, practical information we can put into action immediately.

The event is geared to women aged 25-55 from all walks of life. The speakers are invigorating and will challenge us personally to take responsibility not for everyone else, but for ourselves. It’s a timely message.

I don’t usually discuss Coming Events like this in this column, so why am I doing this one?

For many reasons…

Because Highway 400 is full of white-knuckled, mothers, talking on cell phones, tailgating, and desperate to jam life into an impossibly stressful routine,

Because women are starting businesses and balancing the demands of business with raising kids and managing homes,

Because women are raising kids on their own in unprecedented numbers.

This is an international event and its 170 seats are expected to sell out quickly. Pre August 1 price is $200 US for the day. Post August 1 price is $250 US.

Thursday, September 6
9 am to 5:30 pm
MacLaren Art Centre, Carnegie Hall
37 Mulcaster St, Barrie

To register: or
call 794-1874.

To attend:
The event has selected Womens & Childrens Crisis Centre as its charity of choice. As well as your admission fee, a pair of pyjamas–for baby, child, adult woman–can be donated at the door. In fact, for those not attending but still wanting to help women arriving at the shelter with the clothes on their backs, a number of locations are being set up. You can donate a pair of pjs or nighties to both Starbucks locations, Martial Arts Family Academy at 15 Cedar Pt Dr.

What an opportunity to improve the walk in 7 areas of our lives!

Thanks, GirlsGalsGurus, for choosing Barrie!