If you can’t pay your bills, your lower back will hurt!

Deborah Johnson is a woman with many gifts. She is able to tap into people’s energy as well as their aura. She can assist someone who’s trying to understand why they are where they are in their life, people running for a breakthrough, whether it’s sports, academic performance, career dynamics, or self.

In fact, Deborah’s ability to see what others can’t even feel is called into play by corporations, insurance companies, financial institutions and plain, ordinary, everyday folks like you and I.

She’s modest about her skills. “Everybody has intuition,” she says, “but it’s taking it to the next level that counts.”

While the first quarter-century of her work was in the business and corporate endeavour, Deborah today is using her experience to enhance people’s ability to tap into their mind, body and spirit. Simplicity is her strength.

Her new book, Look Within Heal Without, connects emotions to physical illnesses, ailments and weight. In an uncomplicated approach, Deborah’s process is a series of 15 stretches that, if practiced daily, can rid the body of disease and disorder while clearing the mind.

Let’s take a 33 year old woman with two young kids, a job in the north end of Toronto and a house in the south end of Barrie. Because this woman has a dictated work start time, her morning routine has not a second to spare. Breaking a shoelace can cause a delay of 10 minutes and add an extra 45 minutes onto her commute. And if her child is four and determined to find, loop and lace his own shoe, the parent/kid conflict will be over the top.

So, what?

So this woman will add one day of stress to another, anxious to get in work, family life, family care, food, sports activities, meals, personal time, kid time, spouse time…

Why and when would she adopt Deborah’s 20 minutes a day of breathing and stretching? Because her body and mind will have a phenomenal response. She releases the day’s stresses, adds calmness to reactions, takes the lid off the pressure cooker so broken shoelaces don’t become tirades.

Deborah says any given stressful situation will play itself out in the body. For instance, if you’re having financial problems, you’ll going to get a kink in the small of your back. Stretching that part of the body is helpful and breathing deeply during the stretch will cause miracles. When you ‘oxygenate’ your system, you create a physical and an emotional release. And you burn up fat.

“That woman doesn’t have time to go to the gym, and given the cost of day care and commuting. But giving herself 20 minutes a day will give her back her life.”

Okay, let’s take a menopausal, middle aged woman experiencing steady weight and girth gain, who’s tucking her stress into the folds of her growing body. What happens for her?

“The routines actually help realign her body instead of offloading the stress, it’ll allow her to get rid of it permanently. It clears the docket every day so she doesn’t get a build up. It’ll bring her weight back down through deep breathing oxygen into her stretch area. Oxygen burns fat. And stretching will realign her skeletal structure completely.”

What about a guy, say 38 years old, self employed. Or, a guy in his mid 40’s, lots of travel, sales & marketing, meals, booze, people. Or, maybe an 80 year old who’s retired but pretty active. What can these men expect? Well, says Deborah, my 80 year old male client has an improved golf game, eliminated neck and back ache, improved his insomnia and he has increased energy and health. The 38 year old who’s doing her exercises daily will have better business focus, higher energy and his neck and back will stop kinking. The 40 year old sales guy will no longer look for a workout location… he’ll be able to do his exercises in any available hotel room.

Deborah takes her program into corporate environments, too. She presents on two levels… people can come in and work through a demonstration, or she’ll talk and present. Deborah guarantees her presence will reduce sick time and increase revenue because employees will be more focussed and more energetic.

Her book is endorsed by both traditional and alternative health practitioners and she sees herself as a complement to medical care. She is determined to help people manage their own health and the simplicity of her book (and accompanying DVD) lets you see the link between your hurting body and your life.

“We have inherent in us the ability to create and control our own health and wellbeing,” says Deborah. This is an experiential program that enhances other alternative therapies. “If you can shift yourself to illness, you can shift yourself back to health.”

Deborah is pleased that her simple package, (book and DVD–$29.95), is carried at Barrie and Newmarket Chapters, at Pharmasave by RVH and downtown at Bell Book & Candle. “Life is a simple process,” says Deborah. “We make it too complicated.”

She offers a number of introductory courses with classes of all kinds and ages of people. She’s planning a series of workshops in September. You can explore them online at www.deborah-johnson.net or you can phone Deborah at 725-1090. Whichever route you choose, your personal power will return to you and all you’ll be doing is stretching and breathing.

This remarkable woman is gifting us all with a simple opportunity to bring back balance. Now, that’s intuition!

Thank you, Deborah!