BMG is one sophisticated scrap yard!

While Al Gore and the film, An Inconvenient Truth, brought the reality of global warming into North American households, a company in Barrie is the beacon for the manufacturing and industrial sectors when it comes to responsible care of our planet.

Recycling doesn’t sound sexy and it’s easy to turn the page and check out the sports section or the grocery ads, but wait! What’s happening behind the high fences bordering Hart-John-Lorena-George streets is the miraculous vision of one man and the combined belief of the 250 people who’ve climbed on board.

When anybody calls on Alfred Hambsch to congratulate him, he ducks his modest head and aims for the nearest exit. Alfred moved to Barrie 23 years ago with a European millwright trade, energy and vision. With these tools, and humility, he has harnessed ideas and a workforce that is leading the way in how we use and re-use elements in our modern life.

From a simple scrap yard on Tiffin St in 1984, Alfred and Barrie Metals Group have developed sophisticated extraction, recycling, production and sales of metals, plastics, components and electronics. With a bundle of companies under BMG, Alfred is definitely a world leader and is getting the attention that he deserves and ducks.

“Waste in… Commodites out.” With this motto, GEEP (Global Electric Electronic Processing) began to accept all kinds of electronic waste from stereos to toaster ovens, from computers and printers. Zero landfill waste. Investing research and development to thwart plastics landfill, Alfred this year opened NanoFuels Solutions under the 450,000 square feet (29 acres) that makes up the BMG family. NanoFuels is recycling plastic into diesel oil, the first plant of its kind in North America. The diesel product is in its final testing stages and will use diesel oil to fuel the entire BMG plant. Any power left will be sold back into the power grid.

BMG has companies in Canada, the U.S. and Europe. It has introduced profit sharing to its enthusiastic employees. In fact, the company’s modus operandi is
1. Create a physical presence
2. Research and innovate in the waste field
3. Build partnerships and alliances… everywhere!
4. Demonstrate industry leadership in all sectors.
5. Engage stakeholders to participate.

Giving back to its community is another Barrie Metals byproduct. Energy, generated by employees, and fuelled by leadership, raised many boxes of toys and food for both the Barrie Food Bank and Christmas Cheer this year. Raffling off hockey tickets raised money and employees presented $10,000 to the two charities just before Christmas.

BMG support the Barrie ball diamonds, charitable work through Rotary, and a team spirit that engages an idea and makes it happen.

Barrie Metals is more famous across the continent than it is in its own back yard. Alfred Hambsch has been honoured with Entrepreneur of the Year (Bell Canada), one of Canada’s 50 best managed companies, Ontario Global Traders, Waste Diversion Award, Environmental Excellence Award (Rotary Club), Chamber of Commerce Green Award, and the Mayor’s Employer of the Year Award. Ontario Business Achievement Awards and the Ontario Global Traders Awards recently recognized BMG in the innovation and export growth categories.

The company just announced an alignment with an Irish recycling operation with expertise in specialized treatment and recycling and alternative energy.

We are so lucky to have a coporate citizen, a world leader and a local champion right here. From the employees in the plant to the head office, it’s one top flight operation.

Thanks, Alfred. Thanks, GEEP, NanoFuels and Barrie Metals employees!