Ah… ah… it’s finally summer. Pamper yourself

Imagine this! It’s a glorious summer day. Waves lap the shore of Kempenfelt Bay. A splendid cabin cruiser rocks you gently in the water. An attentive aesthetician gives you a body massage with essential oils that are matched to enhance your body type.

You enjoy a deep cleansing facial, including exfoliation of dead skin cells, an aeromatic masque, a lymphatic draining face massage, concluding with finishing cream.

During a nutritious, on-board lunch, the cruise continues, and so do you, as a pedicure procedure is next, including a foot skin exfoliation using dead sea mineral oils. A foot massage is followed by cuticle treatments and a paraffin wax application reconditions your nails and moisturizes your skin. Your feet will feel like newborn babies!

And then to your hands… a full manicure, soaking again in esxsential oils and dead sea salt minerals, with exfoliation treatment. Paraffin wax finishes your cuticles and moisturizes your hands. The process concludes with finishing cream and an application of polish.

In addition, you can select a full body treatment of dry skin brushing. This stimulates circulation and lymphatic draining. Your aesthetician uses warm, wet towels to increase your circulation and with this treatment, toxins are removed from your body and as a final dash of care, toner is applied to your skin.

If this sounds hard to believe, blink again. Annette Preston Browning, owner of Skin Deep, is moving out of her electrolysis and aesthetics cubicles this summer and taking up shop on a luxurious 38-foot cruiser. She’s using her background as a chef and restaurant operator, and adding it to her new career in aesthetics to offer Barrie residents an opportunity to enjoy our community from the water, while enhancing their own personal care.

“We can accommodate 6 people in our full cruiser and spa treatments,” says Annette. If people are just coming for a cruise and a meal, we can accommodate higher numbers. But the full spa service offers a wonderful meal, full packages of aesthetics treatments, with customized packages to suit each person’s needs. Annette said three couples could participate in the cruise, and all could enjoy spa treatments, or husbands can enjoy meals and cruise while wives opt for the additional spa treatments.”

“I’ve completely customized what we’re offering so people can pick and choose what works for them,” says Annette.

There are lots of people who are skilled to offer aesthetics services, but Annette has reached back into her past to offer a full food service. And, she’s tapping her real enthusiasms today for people and helping them feel and look healthy. Her Spa on Kempenfelt Bay promises to be a wonderful experience for those who participate.

“I enjoy aesthetics and I enjoy water. They seem like a good fit!”

Thanks, Annette!