A seal of self employment awaits you on Wednesday

Tired of the commute?

Tired of feeling like your work doesn’t matter two hoots to anyone?

Tired of knowing you’re likely next to get “the axe”?

There’s another way to live.

And you can get a bird’s eye view of what that looks like on Wednesday from 2 to 8 pm at the Army Navy Air Force Club on George St (at Anne). For six hours over 200 people who’ve left the world of employment and started their own businesses will be on hand.

They’ll have booths. They’ll be doing demonstrations. They’ll be ready to talk to others about what they do and why. They’ll be offering door prizes and they’ll be making an entrepreneurial scholarship presentation to two deserving students.

The Small Business Showcase reflects scores of businesses who got their start through the federal government’s Self Employment Assistance Program. As SEA?members and alumni, these business people have picked up tremendous business operation skills and added them to their own particular passion for what it is they do. That winning combination provides people edging into self employment with a tremendous toolcase of ability. It almost guarantees success.

You’ll see it all in action on October 10 as these businesses offer hours of opportunity to watch, talk, listen, explore and explain. Two workshops begin at 5 pm with the first being Legendary Customer Service, presented by Sharron Purdy of Instigate Business. The 6 pm workshop, with Bob Cassels of Cassels Marketing, offers a revolutionary approach to doing business with a network marketing program. Both workshops are free to the general public as well as SEA participants.

Over 100 business booths, and as many mobile business presentations will be featured during the day, and all of it has been organized by a team of small business owners who felt it’s time to show the community what an alternative to full time work looks like. It’s sure not part time work, as each of these business owners puts in many more than the standard 40-hour-work-week.

Turn up Wednesday and you’ll meet Tammy Kerr of Kerr Promotions. Tammy organizes your golf tournament, your company holiday party, your out-of-town business guests. She arranges for box seats at Air Canada Centre, concert tickets for the latest shows, trips, tours, sport experiences. She’s got great connections and she takes the whole headache off your plate.

Meet Pamela Mifsud. She owns Animal Spirit. She’s a pet first aid expert. She also produces organic pet food and treats. She’s very, very busy. So is Carolyne Cowan, owner of The Pet Spa.

Meet Steven Bridge. He owns Steven R. Bridge Funeral Home in Angus. He took a look at the Angus community and decided that it should be served with its own funeral facility. And what a service Steven offers!

Or, come meet Scott Field who owns Canada’s Most Wanted Computers, a full computer hardware facility. Then there’s Margot Beverley and To The Point Communications, an environmental communications expert.

Andrea Roylance owns Countdown Calendars, a company that enhances your family traditions and ensures your kids will create their own future family activities.

It goes on and on. Deb Brown will bring her fantastic stained glass and metal art; Len Hopper will offer the finest garlic you’ll ever peel; a group of holistic health practitioners will pamper your body and soul. Kory Hopkins, Jeff Jones, Katie Whissel and Deana Kean will take you through fabulous web design and Ann Ramsay will talk about computerized accounting and financial systems management.

Each of these people used to work for someone else.

And on Wednesday when the doors open, they’ll be opening their booths, offering their door prizes, and celebrating the goodness that comes with working for yourself.

This is a public event. It’s designed to invite the community to celebrate one of the best parts of federal programming services. There’s lots to find out and lots of people to find out from.

Wednesday. October 10. 2-8 pm. Army Navy Air Force Club. See you there.

And thanks, Tammy Kerr, Chris Thompson, Katie Whissel, Deana Kean, Al Rigby, Ann Ramsay, Sherry Symes, and your teams of people!