A lot of people remember John Beaulieu as a cartoonist.

Years ago (about 20) when The Advance was The Barrie Banner and I was its editor, John was a tireless contributor to the editorial page. Each week he’d craft a comic rendition which applied directly to the editorial or the story of the day.

So, where’s John now?

For nearly three decades John toiled at a drafting table, and then at a computer monitor in the art department at Barrie Press. As technology changed from offset to desktop, John shifted his skill to a new language, leaving off the measurement of ems for bytes. When layoff from BP came, John faced a whole new reality.

So, what’s he doing now? He’s making news in the plant world. A gesnariad (ie African Viiolent) enthusiast for years, John grows the little devils in his basement, publishes catalogues of gesnariads, speaks as an expert at horticultural conventions all over the country and sells. His photography is sought after, his articles published; in fact an American trade magazine just awarded him with “article of the year” for a recent piece. So, that’s half his life. The other half has John self employed doing what he’s always done… designing logos, flyers, booklets, pieces for people and businesses and getting them ready for printing presses.

He might even generate a cartoon or two… who knows?