Work Hard, Play Hard!

Spend time with family? Which members of the family, specifically? What do you want to do with each one of them? Experience travel? Learn something new? Lay on a beach?

What else? Write it all down. It has to be possible to do in six months.

Now back to the daytimer. Slot into your time those important before I die things; you know, your bucket list. Avoid lumping family all together. If its time with a spouse, write that in to a specific time of a specific day. As a beginning entrepreneur, you likely wont have money to wine and dine, but you can walk and talk and coffee or tea. Without the dog. No multi-tasking. If its time with a child, pick a child, pick a time and do something that involves just the two of you. It should not involve a mall. It should involve an experience, whether its taking bread down to the waterfront or a nearby creek to feed the ducks. Time. To listen. To be.

So often, entrepreneurs believe theyre not successful unless they can afford the big blow-out vacation for everyone. But, actually, in the scheme of things, it may be taking the time to read to one another, to play a board game on family night, to lay on a nearby beach, to walk in a winters park.

Work hard. Play hard. Make both a priority. Open your daytimer. Its all in your power.