Who’s packing your parachute?

When you get a great idea for your business, who’s the first person you call?

Who’s the person you share your triumphs and troubles with?

Who would you consider to be your greatest cheerleader when it comes to your business idea and you?

If you google Charles Plumb and read about his Viet Nam and Prisoner of War experiences, it’s a great life lesson that we can all incorporate into our businesses. It’s so easy to receive and forget, to gloss over what are significant details in our business lives.

To turn it around? First, awareness. Who are the people who are packing our parachutes, making sure that when we jump, out chutes open safely and we land as planned? Who are the people whose care makes a real difference in our lives? And, what would our lives be like without that care?

Parachute packers should be noticed. They deserve to be thanked. Not just a dashed-off text message, but a true thank you, in a card, with a stamp on it.

Two things happen when we do this… we become aware of how many people we have rooting for us in our corner as we live with the realities of our every day business lives in business. We feel better. We perform better.

The second thing is that we begin to spread goodness. Everyone likes to be noticed and thanked, especially our kids who so often help in our businesses in so many ways. And did we say anything about our spouse?

For sure, thanks for packing my parachute!