Who wrote that email? Who sent that text?

“Wondering how you felt about my idea? Call me!” Terri.c

That’s it! I look at the email address for a clue … crazy8 @ hotmail.com

Who is this person? What was their idea? How do I know them? Is this for my charity work, my business consulting, a newspaper column idea, a blog response?

No way I can answer this email, that’s for sure. The only response I can give is “who ARE you, and what DO you want?” And, for sure, if I send this, I’ll get an “I’m offended” retort.

What’s at the end of your emails? Do you identify yourself… name, business, contact information, tag line, website, Twitter, Facebook, and on and on… [if you’ve had a signature block forever, you can just quit now]

Incorporating a signature line is easy, but first you have to know that you need one. Back in the dark ages, in 1993 when I was first sending a lot of emails, I was typing all this information at the end of every email. Then I got a little smarter and copied and pasted it each time from another email. And then, one day when I had a few minutes to spare, I said to myself… “if I had designed email, I’d make it possible for all this stuff to show up automatically at the end of every single email.”

I went looking along the menu bar and there it was… signature. I did a little exploration and voilà! I can customize my signatures for many uses, whether it’s charity work, a campaign I’m leading, or a program I’m offering. Quick, easy, complete and nobody wonders who sent the note in the first place.

Try it! You’ll wonder what you ever did without it.